Dinner ‘n’ Karaoke

Hahaha had an awesome time at Karaoke on the 28th of June 2008. After struggling to find a place to eat, we ended up at the Star Bar to funnily enough find Lily Tran (who had her birthday) there as well with her bunch of friends. (sorry to crash btw XD). Most of us had steaks and it was a decent meal, enough to fill me up for drinking later at K.

We then headed to K-Mix at 8pm with a booking for 2 hours (which ended up being way short) til 10. Had an awesome time in there, hahah I probably had a bit too much to drink but it was all in good fun. Took heaps of pics and turned it into a stop motion, which wasn’t something I planned, but after checking out the photos the day after there were HEAPS.

The video is below:

I’ll add the normal photos later on.


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