Nelson Bay

I’m back…

…from my trip up to Nelson Bay starting on the 22nd of July 2008. We stayed in a 2 or 4 storey house (depending on how you wanna look at it) for 4 nights. Left on Tuesday morning to be greeted by a sunny day which was looking really good. Gab, Amanda and myself drove up later as the house was only supposed to fit 8 and also the fact that we didn’t have breakfast, so a Mounties breakfast was decided upon. It was great, all you can eat for only $7.50.

Our many days there were spent primarily out when weather permitted and we went rock climbing, tobogganing, mini golfing, fishing and bowling. Nights were spent mainly at home pigging out on food or playing guitar hero as well as Pictionary, Twister and Karaoke/Ultrastar.

Dinner was primarily self cooked by a bunch of us with things ranging from steak and sausages to pasta bakes, potato salad, mash potatoes, roast chicken and more. And John, Kevin, Alan and I can safely say that we are not wusses and managed to complete a shitload of food to prove it, although it did leave us feeling bloated and shitty for the rest of the night.

Below are pictures from the trip, for your information John can see them and they are larger than a wheel.

>> Photos <<

This trip has left me wanting more and hopefully another trip can be arranged during the summer where the weather is nicer and we can actually go swimming and go quadbiking and more.

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