It was halloween yesterday

Had to get a costume ready for a B’day/Halloween party in Chipping Norton, not knowing what to wear or dress up as I did some last minute shopping at Westfields quite late in the arvo, just before they were about to close. It was 5.20pm and still, I had nothing to dress up as. Made my last minute dash to Toys ‘R’ Us hoping to get some sort of scary mask, but instead I was greeted with this:

A decorative skull made of plastic. It was big, big enough to cover my head, it would need a little work, but it would turn out well. I was stoked, until I saw the price tag… Hmmm, $30. A bit much in my opinion, but to my surprise the girl working told me, if you want it, it’s yours for $10 and she’d throw in some stickers. SWEET! What a bargain, on the way out we grabbed a catalog, only to find out, it was listed as $100!!! Made my day even better.

Got home and immediately pulled out the drill and jig saw and started hacking a hole in the base, filled it with some styrofoam, cushion and towel and I was good to go.

The final result:

It seems that the ladies seem to dig it too 😉

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