Anita’s end of semester party

On the 6th of December was the date Anita (co hosted by myself and Alisa) decided to have an end of semester party at Anita’s house. The party consisted of some delicious thai dishes cooked by Anita and her family (I’d say mostly family) and complimented a tiramisu cake and chocolate fondue cake for dessert. Continuing the night was the much anticipated awards ceremony whereby guests had already voted in an online poll to determine the winners of certain categories. I had the priveledge of taking home two awards, the winner of the “Alcohol Tank” award as well as the “Most likely to be pulled over by cops” award. It was all in good fun.

The night went on with dancing to the funky lights we had hired and the smoke machine, but the smoke blew quickly due to the open air. The night ended pretty soon after 12 as the music was turned off in consideration of the neighbours. The remaining time was spent just talking indoors and the beginning of a large clean up effort. As the night went by and night became day, we were presented with a large mess to clean early in the morning. Wax all over the floor and dirt marks all over the tiles combined with the effort to shift all the equipment back to my house.

Photos from the night are below and despite the large cleanup it was a pretty good party. I’ll be looking forward to another one next year.

>> Pics Here <<

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