Christmas and New Years

With New Years just around the corner and Christmas having just passed us by so much has happened and I’ve been heaps busy (and lazy) and not added anything to the blog. I’ve got hundreds of photos to go through but many places to be which has just left more and more photos piling up on my hard drives and my memory cards. I’ve been slowly going through them and have Aimee’s B’day Beach Sunrise, my cousin’s birthday, a Christmas party with the “Fairvale Crew” and possibly some others, I’m not even sure what’s left on my memory cards.

Luckily for me this year Christmas was a pretty fun time with the “Fairvale Crew” on Tuesday the 23rd as they had held a Christmas Barbeque which was followed by a hangout at Nugen’s house. Was a fun time and quite interesting seeing the creativity in the presents they had bought and/or created for each other for their KK, despite a 10 dollar budget. This was complimented with the usual family dinner (although it was a day late) with the typical presents of cash from the relatives, makes everything much easier. The other presents came from Anita and Alisa who decided to get me two fish for Christmas, they told me they were an Archer and a Silver Shark, a nice addition to my tank inside my room, thanks girls :). I’ll post up a few pics of them when I can be bothered.

The night of Christmas was spent in the city in a hotel room in preparation for the rush towards the Boxing day sales. Being bored in the hotel room, it was decided that we would try to look for a bar or pub to grab some drinks, but that idea failed with the closure of most places in the city. However our night was “saved” by Star City which is always open, so myself, Yang and Kevin hailed a cab and off to Star City we went. I signed up for the membership thing and unfortunately was informed of a change in policy. The $10 credit that typically comes with a new membership could no longer be used on the same day of issue, free drinks weren’t available either. Bummer I thought, but it was only a small ding in the night. Fast forward a few hours and a lighter wallet, we were waiting in line outside of David Jones, at 3am in the morning and even when we had arrived at such an early time, there were already 60 people ahead of us. Not much of a bother as we were sure to make the top 100 to get a generous gift voucher to the value of $101, but time started to creep by real slow, we were tired and bored with little to occupy ourselves with. Almost 3 grueling hours later, we were given a little card with a number on it, mine read 66, it was obvious what it was, those with this little card were to be rewarded. As 6 o’clock approached Delta Goodrem appeared to ring the bell to open the stores where we all hussled, slowly, into the store.

Unfortunately by then I was tired and not in the best of shopping moods, either that or there wasn’t much on sale leaving me slightly disappointed and ending up with only a pair of jeans and three t-shirts, not exactly the massive sale I was expecting, despite this I’ll probably be back next year. After a tiny bit of rest it was the family party mentioned above, the next day following was another hectic day for me with two birthdays, Linda Banh’s and Deborah Wong’s. With Linda’s being at the beach in the morning/arvo and Deborah’s being at her place in the afternoon til night. In between parties though I snuck to Parramatta Westfields to buy a few things and ending up with 3 shirts.

The next few days have been spent resting for New Years which is coming soon and it’s set to be another good time.

Happy New Year everyone.

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