Ben Kha’s B’day – 01.02.2009

To celebrate Ben’s b’day we headed up for a trip towards the Central Coast area to a place called Dora’s creek for some fishing, it was a scorcher of a day and by the time we arrived the sun was already up high and killing our skin. As soon as we arrived the rods were unpacked and lines were cast in as soon as the prawns started to thaw up a bit. Our luck was low as bites and nibbles were far and wide, the fish didn’t seem to be eating our bait but would happily munch on the bait of the man next to us. After a while we paused for a bit for some lunch, we had wraps, pasta, sausages and sandwiches during this time I managed one fish after leaving the line for a while, unfortunately it was a tiny fish which we wouldn’t be able to keep. After tossing it back, it was Stephen’s turn for a fish ironically it was the same type of fish as I had just thrown back and similar in size, so unlucky once more.

After finishing lunch I reeled my rod in to find it extremely hard to do so, it was like a big fish, but the lack of tug made me think it was seaweed, but this was really really heavy, as I slowly reeled it in, it appeared to be a large rock. But I was curious to see how my line had managed to clip a rock and have it stay that way. After struggling to bring it up over the bridge it was surprising to see that it was not a rock but a lump of some sort of shell fish, I think Mussels, despite being covered in seaweed and stuff I chucked one on the bbq and it tasted alright, the others weren’t as daring though.

As the sun burned our backs it was decided that it would be a good idea to head down to a beach to cool down, we drove back to The Entrance making a quick stop at the local shops for some drinks and ice cream. While at the beach Kim and Winnie somehow managed to get stung by Blue Bottle jellyfish while waddling in the water for 5 minutes at most whereas Belrich and I were in the for quite a while came out unscathed. Anyways, it was a fun day out and we all hung out at Nugen’s place afterwards enjoying a Pizza dinner anda yummy fruit dessert thingy prepared by Tina. Pics are below.

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