It's been a long time…

It’s been over a whole month since I’ve last posted in my blog, not exactly because I’ve been busy but rather the laidback nature of my holidays has made me extremely lazy, the fact that I am still unemployed just further substantiates my point.

As my blog lay dormant, we had made the transistion from 2008 to 2009, this was spent at three seperate places, first was Gab’s house where we had a barbeque and spent time sitting around and playing some guitar hero world tour. Alcohol consumption at this point was quite minimal, all I had brought along was my bottle of Gin and I have now decided that Gin and Tonic is not my kind of drink, I can’t stand either the Gin nor the tonic water, the bitterness just gets to me.

Next on my New Years celebration was to Kim’s house to have drinks and some partying with the Fairvale crew, by the time I arrived Ben was already half drunk and making a fool of himself but the drinks kept coming. I had to catch up on drinks and took a few shots of Southern Comfort on arrival, the fact that I was feeling a little sick doesn’t help with staying sober and ended up slightly tipsy however I wasn’t really into drinking that night so that’s as far as I got. Some funny memories were of Ben playing air guitar along with Coldplay’s Viva La Vida and then singing along, haha!

As the strike of midnight approached Alisa, Anita and I headed to Anita’s house for the countdown and to enjoy some live fireworks compliments of her surrounding area where about 5 seperate firework shows and shared a glass of Verdi with her family, kinda nice way to spend the New Year. Soon afterwards it was back to Kim’s place but not for long as during the short period of time I was gone, they started to get smashed and the night was called off pretty much.

After New Years, quite a few things happened, but I’ll tell you about all that later, they included Hiking near the Blue Mountains, going back to the Central Coast for a day, bowling, fishing, 4 Strings live on a cruise, birthdays, dinners, Top Gear live and much more.

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