January of 2009…

Since I’ve been quite lazy with posting on my blog I’m just gonna keep a single post for stuff that happened in January of ’09 until I catch up to the things I’ve been doing recently. At this point I’m still unemployed and still really can’t be stuffed looking for a job, recruitment companies are such arseholes.

But anyways, in the whole 31 days of January a few things happened, I went up to the Central Coast to the Entrance again with my dad, some relo’s and my dad’s friend’s family for a fishing trip. t was a nice day to head up but unfortunately I didn’t even manage to catch a single fish by the end of the day which was quite disappointing seeing as there was a massive rush to the entrance as the tide was changing. Fishermen were standing almost shoulder to shoulder and the fish were coming in constantly, but by this time our bait had gone all crap and dead and the fish didn’t want to bother eating it. No pic

we managed to go on our hiking trip or as John described it, our “Practice Hike”, granted it wasn’t too difficult of a hike and would love to go again. It was a pain in the arse to lug around a DSLR onto the hiking track and more so to lug a tripod which doesn’t fit in your bag. It was an extremely hot day and lucky we left early in the morning as it was scorching by the time we had finished the hike. Thankfully Richard’s water holding canister maintained some ice and had cooled my drink down to chilling levels, once refreshed, I decided to head on ahead and finish the hike earlier, about half an hour later I reached the lookout and there was a nice view of the mountains around us, snapped a few panoramas and headed for the car. Not knowing exactly where the car was, I headed off along the road which had a couple of car parks on the way. After walking for a good 15 minutes nothing looked familiar and I wasn’t even sure I was going the right way, but I pushed on and 10 minutes later, I reached the car and boy was it hot inside. I turned on the engine and left the aircon on for a good 5 minutes before heading off to find something to eat. Driving around there was nothing in the surrounding area so I had resorted to a petrol station for an ice block, some lollies and a couple of bottles of Gatorade. Refreshing stuff. On my return I decided to annoy the rest of the laggers by driving behind them as they all walked to their car, the video is on Gab’s camera, might ask him for a copy. But anyway, here are the few pictures I took on our hike.

We also went fishing/beach one day at La Perouse, don’t quite remember exactly when this was but the day could have been better, the weather was becoming cloudy as we headed up there and there was a bit of a wind. Fishing wise, we managed a single tiny bream and a fat puffer fish, this thing was massive, I had never seen a puffer fish so big before. We had some fish and chips for dinner at the rocks and attempted more fishing there but it got dark quick and our lines were getting stuck, so we called it a night.

As January passed on, we also crossed into the Lunar New Year or as some call it, Chinese New Year also the same date as Australia day. My LNY celebrations were a few a little early, it was a couple of day before it on the Friday night as that day was also the anniversary of my Grandpa’s death. We had a typical family get together with dinner and then wished all our relos the best for the new year in exchange for some red pockets, the best thing about the Lunar New Year. Funnily enough, two of my younger cousins learnt a very valuable lesson about greed, they were challenged to eat a whole chilli, with no liquids until they were done, in exchange for $50 or so, and so they did, well they tried. Eva, the slightly older one decided to tackle the problem slowly by taking small bites of the chilli and could kinda handle it, minutes later, it was too hot for her to handle and she paused for a moment, but determined to get the money. Wilson on the other hand decided that it would be smarter to take the chilli whole, he placed the whole thing in his mouth and to our surprise he maintained a neutral face until it was discovered that he had not bitten into it rather just sucked on it. The expression on his face was priceless the moment he took his first bite, his face went all red and he couldn’t manage the heat and drank up his milk. Eva gave up soon after and both were rewarded with some cash anyway.

On the actual night of the New Year, I headed off to the Chinese temple opposite Mounties with Stephen Du, Louis and Chris and prayed to the gods while enjoying the festivities available, primarily the firecrackers and the fireworks show. Saw a couple of people that night too including Nugo, Alan La, Ae Jen, Paul and more, was a good way to spend the New Years, better then staying at home, haha.

That’s it for now, I’ll put another post up soon with photos from Top Gear as well as the cruise with 4 Strings.


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