Coldplay & Kim Le’s B’day

Feels good to finally have my site back up after my host decided to go bankrupt 🙁 not to fear as it’s back now and unlikely to go down again. I’m still in the process of redesigning my site and splitting it up to three sections, you’ll see when i’m done ;).

Anyways, March was quite a busy month with Uni starting up again and getting busy already despite only have 3 days of uni. So far in March though I’ve been to Coldplay’s concert which I found to be quite good, our seats were quite far back as we only managed bronze reserved. They put on a good show with pretty nice visuals, the lasers were wicked, really bright and vivid colours. Highlights would have been Yellow and Viva La Vida for me, moreso Yellow due to the dropping of the Yellow balloons/balls, sucks that we weren’t on the floor so we could grab some of the butterflies. Although it was a great show, I felt like there should have been more and being my first “real” concert, it was damn short but I guess that’s the norm.

Pics are below, they’re the best I could do.

Also in March was Kim Le’s 20th b’day, we celebrated with dinner at Positano at Parramatta, we all had different meals which were quite nice. Headed out to Bamboo in the City afterwards for a bit but ended up being a waste of time, that place is shit, horrible atmosphere and people moving all over the place as they get to and from the bar. Not going there again, lucky I didn’t have to pay to get in though.

Pics from Kim’s b’day are below:

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