Stephen Du’s 20th B’day

On the 21st of March we celebrate Stephen Du’s, known as Duman, birthday, for this occassion the prick made us travel all the way down to Jervis Bay for a day for some fun. The day started with a 6.30am meetup at his house to aim for a 7am departure, this became closer to 7.30am leaving us with only two hours to complete a two and a half hour trip. The solution? Gun it down the highway, the drive down was awesome once you got past the Hume Highway and the small towns along the way, the hills in Kangaroo Valley were nice and windy with smooth surfaced roads making for a fun drive, the view on the way down the mountains was quite spectacular as it was quiet a foggy morning and it seemed like we were driving above the clouds.

The schedule for the day was a dolphin watching cruise followed by lunch and the spending time at the beach where we could fish, snorkel and just enjoy the beautiful white sand. The dolphin cruise was quite sucessful with us sighting quite a few dolphins closer to end however they seemed to be attracted to another dolphin cruise boat, giving them quite an impressive show. Snorkelling around the area was quite nice once I got the hang of it and the view under water was quite nice once I brought a piece of meat to bait out the fish. While swimming back to shore I was luckily enough to witness a school of hundreds of fish swimming around me and the view was simply epic. As the day went closer to the end we set up the barbeque and cooked what seemed to be the best tasting sausages ever as we were all so hungry.

Photos from the day trip are below:

Driving back was another rushed drive as we were late for dinner scheduled at 8pm. Dinner was a Thai buffet at the restaurant Duman previously worked at, despite being 40 minutes late there was still plenty of food left for us to eat. Not much to write about the dinner but the photos are below:

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