Top Gear Live – 08.02.098

Still trying to catch up on my blog with the things I’ve done and a few weeks ago, my cousin and I went to see the Top Gear Live show on Saturday the 22nd of February, quite a last minute and impulsive decision to go on my part as his friend won two tickets but had already bought tickets and were going with more than 2 people, so she offloaded them to my cousin who asked me to go.

We got there earlier as there were stands and car displays outside the arena for those that had tickets to the show, there were stands by Ford, Bufori, Loreal, Shannons and more. Few of the cars on display to note would have been the Shell V Power F1 car, Lotus Elise, the couple of Bufori’s, the Goggomobil, Ferrari F430 and 599, Maserati Quattroporte and Gran Turismo S, Audio R8, RS6, TTS as well as Aston Martins including the DBS, DB9 Coupe and V8 Vantage. There were a few others, such as a couple of toy looking cop car and Toyota Avalon, they seem like a slightly scaled down and toy-like cars with a single seat, I reckon they’d be mad fun to drive.

There was also an “F1 Simulator” type thing which seemed to be Live For Speed hooked up to a chair which moved to the bumps and whatnot and to my surprise it was really hard to control the car in a straight line, going through corners was hell too as any slightly hard braking or acceleration meant the car would spin out.

The show itself was quite short and this wasn’t helped by the 20 minutes of  ‘live ads’ at the start for Shell V-Power, Navman, Audi and I think Alfa Romeo. The show continued with a short section of the three presenters driving the smallest vehicle they could build. This was followed by bowling using Steve Pazziti in a trolley as a bowling ball pushed by a Ford Mustang. Other stunts in the show were 3 “Ferraris” driving around the arena quite dangerously but later found out that they were MR2’s in a Ferrari shell, quite a shame really. Other antics were a virtual helicopter using 3d glasses chasing The Stig in a Lotus Elise as well as car soccer using some Suzuki Swifit’s.

Photos from they day are below:

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