Bungy Jumping…

I was gonna post about this later on, but since one of the girls that went along with us on the trip was being impatient, I’m skipping ahead a bit and adding it now. The jump was kinda thrilling but not the rush I was expecting, the most nerve-racking bit was the initial leap off the edge but once you were free-falling for the few seconds, it was just an awesome feeling. I’d love to go to NZ again to go jumping on the Nevis Bungy centre where the jump is about 3 times as high. 43 metres looks a fair bit when you’re at the top but it doesn’t really last that long. I opted for the water touch and it seemed like an awesome idea seeing as others before me got their head dunked in the water. I felt like I got jipped though with only half my arms making it into the water. Another than myself, there was another 2 of us from our camper van group, Jimmy and Tiffany both made the plunge, they however, did not opt to touch the water, which felt rather nice. I at one point was getting nervous about how cold the water would be, but with the adrenaline rushing as you’re hanging from a latex cord, I don’t seem to recall it being cold at all.

Pics from the jumps are below:

My Jump Tiffany’s Jump Jimmy’s Jump

After the jump

I’ll update again with part two of the scenary images later.

One thought on “Bungy Jumping…”

  1. I don’t know if I would have the courage to do bungee jumping. They say that its not about the fall, its the jump that is the hardest. Way to go.

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