Hectic weekend…

Just this weekend might have been one of the most hectic ever. Started off the morning quite calm at home and then as night time came, so did the partying. Headed onto the BSOC cruise , followed by 6 hours at Trance Energy and then a flight to New Zealand at 9am. BSOC cruise was quite a disappointment with not many of us 3rd years there. Plenty of first years and second years though ;). After getting off the boat we had to wait for a mate to head out to TE. More on that ordeal once I get back from NZ.

But Trance Energy, it was the most AMAZING shit I have ever seen. Shits all over xQlusiv and the lot, the lights and lasers were outta this world and smashed my expectations. It’s a shame I rocked up 3ish hours too late, disappointed that I had missed BT play Love Comes Again and the rest of his set. Managed to get a peak of Matt Darey and saw Aly and Fila, Judge Jules, Richard Durand, Simon Patterson and Sean Tyas. Man, I can’t wait til next year til Trance Energy comes back.

That’s it for now, pics and videos of TE will come when I get back.

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