Trance Energy 2009 – Sydney

Trance Energy must have been one of the best Trance events I have gone to for a while, still doesn’t top Armin Only but it was a spectacular night. Still quite disappointed that I rocked up late, even moreso because the BSOC cruise turned out to be rather shit, full of first and second years and expensive drinks. Not even free cheap beer and wine. $9 for a beer, $9 for a cruise, $9 for anything, utterly ridiculous. But enough of the crappy BSOC cruise, the topic of this post is TRANCE ENERGY. Rocking up late, we managed to catch a couple of minutes of Matt Darey, no where close to enough to judge his performance. Also managed to hit up Aly and Fila (well Fila only) and they played a pretty good set in the Forum. Think they could have been in the Main Stage. After heading to the main stage, we got a look at Simon Patterson, Richard Durand, Judge Jules and Sean Tyas. Richard played a smashing set with Patterson doing quite well himself. Still annoyed that I missed out on BT (esp Love Comes Again) and Sied Van Riel, also found it strange that the theme for TE was never played according to what I saw and others have said. Production for the event was out of this world, the Hordern had been shrunk with the seats on the sides curtained off and the strage brought forward, lasers and lights were amazingly choreographed and I found it to be much better than xQlusiv in terms of production.

I’ll post up the videos I recorded when I can as well, audio sucks as the bass completely drowns out the mic, meaning it can’t pick up anything else.

Enough chatter, here are some pics I took.

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