Trip to New Zealand.

At 9am Sydney time, I boarded an Emirates flight, EK418 to the land of the sheep, awfully tired and sleepy I tried to sleep on the plane as much as I could but did not manage much. 3 hours later and after a horrible “Oriental” meal, I had arrived in Christchurch, upon leaving the terminal, we were greeted by a small Airport, really did not have much to it. While the drivers went to collect the Camper Vans, we were left in boredom as the airport having nothing to do. While speculating that the drivers would arrive with the campervans within the hour, as this time approached, it was decided that we should wait outside, in the cold, the sun provided some warmth but as it sunk lower and lower, it did not provide much comfort.

Once they arrived and our luggage was loaded, we proceeded to the Asian food warehouse for some grocery shopping, being Good Friday didn’t help and that meant the store closed at 6.30pm. We had arrived about 10 minutes too late. We pushed on in the search of food and approximately half an hour later, we decided upon McDonalds, out of all places. It was getting late so we looked for a park to stop and sleep for the night.

As the night passed and the morning came, we were greeted by a nice sunrise over the small town of ChristChurch as we headed towards a sports centre/gym/swimming pool for some morning refreshment. The weather outside was still very chilly but it was bliss as we arrived inside the heated pools and steam rooms. Breakfast involved a croissant with ham, cheese and tomato from the small cafe inside the pool complex. The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping for dinner and snacks, once done, we headed out to see the first taste of New Zealand’s beauty, we came across a river which ran from the mountains out to sea, again the water was a beautiful blue colour and crystal clear.

I’ll end my blog there for now, some photos from my trip:

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