New Zealand Trip Pt. 2

Due to the impatience of Tiffany, I uploaded pictures from our Bungy jump first, but this post is what shoulda came first, any how here it is anyway.

After the brief stop to check out the scenery, we headed to a campervan camp site, on arrival we set up the camper vans and went for a short walk to find some fire wood on the ground. After staying the night at a campervan camp site where we had dinner and lit a fire, not being able to sleep very well, I decided to go for an early morning walk. The time was 6am and the sun wasn’t even close to being up yet, moon was out and it was dark still I then went to relight the campfire to warm up a little and then proceeded on my walk. Armed with a weak torch, my DSLR camera and a thick jacket covering a relatively thick jumper, I set out to explore the surrounds, from the camp site we could hear the soft sound of running water so i decided to check out where it was coming from. As I walked, the sky lit up slowly and slowly, start from an almost pitch black to a calming dark blue which was getting lighter and lighter, I found lots of white rounded rocks stuck in the ground, not sure how they got there though. I found a walking trail which I followed, it was slightly hilly and quite damp with a few muddy puddles, approaching the end of my walk, I was confronted by a trotting noise and a grunt, looking to the bushes to my left I see 3 massive horses just standing there, I walked away as I wasn’t sure if they were trained or wild. After seeing me they headed closer and past me, a few more followed. After standing there cold and looking like a tard, 3 more came, stopping when they saw me, they slowly approached and I had a good look at them, they appeared to have owners so they came closer slowly, enough for me to touch, as they just stood there I reached over for a pat and it seemed quite friendly despite being just as tall as me. They then walked away, I tried to follow but there was a tiny stream of water, just a bit too wide for me to jump across carrying a large camera.

On the return I took a different route and this lead to a dirt track leading all the way around the camp site, hoping to be able to cross through the grass I then realised why the track went all the way around, there was a small stream in the middle with grass growing over it. Not knowing, I stepped into it with one foot, soaked my right foot and socks, not happy. Once I got back I sat by the fire to dry out my shoes and socks, went for a short jog and showered and stuff. Had a quick brekkie and we soon left. We were heading towards Queenstown with a stop by at Lake Tekapo, this lake has this really nice blue and azure colour to it, it was crystal clear as well very pretty. Once we moved on, the nice blue water followed along the road we drove on, eventually hitting a Salmon Fish farm where you could feed the fish for free, and they were pretty big. Heaps of ’em and they just snap up the food you throw in, we left the place with 4 individual fish, a few more pieces for myself :), back on the journey we stopped at Tarras for lunch where they had a little convenience store and cafe type thing, all this with a mountain in the backdrop with a couple of large rocks on it which looked like they could fall. Continuing on the road to Queenstown we were lead to follow a river which ran along the side of the road in the gorges below, eventually leading us to the Karawau bridge, the first ever Bungy Jumping site, unfortunately for us that day, a busload of tourists had arrived before us and it was booked out for the day.

When night fell we were in the outskirts of Queenstown and we stopped for the night to prepare dinner, it was Salmon on the BBQ and sashimi style as well, with the fish so fresh, it was delicious. Once finished, the night was spent heading towards Milford Sound for a tour cruise and onboard buffet. The weather in the area changed drastically, from a beautiful sunny day to a cloudy overcast with heavy rain at points, not idea but it allowed us to check out the loads of waterfalls as the rain water ran down the mountains. The view from the boat was fantastic with mountainous ranges surrounding the water, waterfalls appearing in almost every direction, some large and spectacular. Upon our arrival back to shore, we departed immediately back to Queenstown where we would spend the night. The morning however would be one of awesome-ness as some of just leap off a bridge being supported only by a latex rope which you’d hope wouldn’t snap.

Pics below:

(an attempt at something abstract)

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