Three long months without a post…

It’s been a massively long time since I’ve added anything to my blog despite being out and about a fair bit, nothing spectacular like New Zealand but hanging out with friends and whatnot. More recently though, I’ve been rather sick and that’s made my Uni break fairly unenjoyable, being sick on a trip to Nelson Bay (well Anna bay) is not a good feeling and apologies to the people I spread my sickness too =D. This post will cover stuff I’ve done from the past three months including plenty of piccies.

I’ll try to update this thing more often…

Nelson Bay

From the last thing I did, the Nelson Bay trip, which wasn’t so great seeing as I started to get sick the day before we all left meant the bed was my best friend for a couple of days. Staying home while everyone else went fishing didn’t make such a great trip and by the time I had recovered, I had already infected others leaving only a few of us to have a few drinks on the last night. Other than my sickness, it was a nice 4 days despite a lotta trouble organising the trip with transport and all that.

Sexy Six B’day BBQ

We celebrated Bettina, Chris, David, Lily, Kathy and Sylvia L.’s b’days all together at Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay. It was a great day despite being in the middle of Winter, the sun was out and it was lovely.

Awesome Foursome B’day Dinner

I managed to catch a bit of Bob, Gavin, MP and Tina’s B’day, unfortunately it was also my dad’s b’day that night and I had arrived late and caught up with a bit of Karaoke as well.

VSA Soccer Day 2009

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