Another dreadful Monday

Today is Monday, the worst day of the working week where you feel tired to get out of bed in the morning and the day at work seems to drag on forever. It also means once it’s over, there’s still another whole 4 days that need to pass before you reach that beautiful friday afternoon where you can kick back and relax or head out and have a awesome night out. In this case for me, it’s a night out on a cruise of the harbour aboard the boat for the Ruby Ball but until then, it’s still the start of the week and it sucks because…
Despite getting out of bed perfectly on time and leaving the house on time this morning I still ended up coming to work late, traffic was absolutely horrible down the Cumberland Highway at the M4 junction, someone really needs to improve it as traffic just stops there. Once I passed it, the drive was quite bearable, I really need to find a new route to work, the route home is fine by crossing Lidcombe, perhaps I should try taking that route to work. We’ll see tomorrow.

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