VSA Cruise 2009

It’s the aftermath of the biggest booze cruise that I know of and I’m feeling quite okay, but then again I don’t usually get hung over. That cruise was the annual VSA Cruise and it was lovely night out this time round, like it usually is. I mean what can be better than a boatful of sexy asians, lots and lots of pizza, great music and most importantly, a continuous supply of alcohol throughout the night. All for fifty bucks. That’s pretty awesome. The theme this year was Vegas and everyone on board was looking schmick as ever.

The long-awaited photos from my camera on the night are below:

(Thanks to Ngothanh and An for contributing to some of these photos :P)

My night…?

I am bloody tired from only have 3 hours sleep in a squished up bed in an apartment which ended up costing more than expected. But the cruise, what can I say, was pretty damn good. Drinks all round and I think everyone was quite responsible as the bar didn’t close til quite late I believe, meaning more fun for everyone. Lots of familiar faces everyone making it a wicked night, cheers to Huy and the rest of the VSA UTS crew as well as anyone else who helped out with the night.

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