Defqon1 – Part 2 – The Videos

Well I got around to uploading all the videos I took from Defqon1 some time last week, equating to about 4GB worth and taking a fair amount of time. The audio is quite dodgy as the microphone on-board the D90 really can’t take that much, have to find some way to jig up some sort of foam to reduce the sound coming into it.

Well Defqon1 was quite a surprise for me and it had completely blown me away in terms of organisation and production as well as atmosphere. It was just a great festival atmosphere with everyone there wanting to have fun and a good time, the security included. I spent most of my time at the red stage as I didn’t really care much for the music and didn’t pay much attention to who was playing when and where. Although the day after, I had wished I caught Alex Kidd and Public Domain, but I’m not too fussed. I had a great time at Defqon1 and would definitely look forward to coming back again next year, although I was taking photos for inthemix, I had a wicked time running all over the place. Being inside the Defqon Red stage was definitely a highlight for me as the view of the crowd as the lights and lasers shone down on them was very impressive. More impressive was the sound at the red stage, it was crystal clear no matter how far away from the front you were, but right up there, the bass punches hard, real hard. I have no idea how one of the security guards at the front managed the whole day and night without ear plugs as it was seriously loud. Overall Defqon1 was definitely a great experience and something you should all check out even if it’s not your kind of music.

Well the videos from the festival are below. I’ll embed a couple and provide a link to the playlist of all my Defqon videos.

More videos here

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