A couple of recent 21st birthdays

It seems like everyone’s turning twenty one nowadays with multiple birthdays on a near weekly basis, meaning out every weekend and not getting any uni work done. The past couple of weeks, I had celebrated Alan and Peter’s birthday on a cruise around the harbour and the Friday after celebrated a ‘Heroes and Villains’ costume party to celebrate Marlene’s 21st. Both parties had been quite fun and rather rushed, in particular Marlene’s with me not having a clue what to possibly dress up as and how to pull it off until that very afternoon of the party. All while stuck completing a set of journal entries for my General Education subject, Science and Religion. I had bought some cardboard and decided to come as Bender from Futurama and I think it turned out okay. I wanna try again and make it better when I have time.

Well anyways, here are the pics from the two parties, I must get a move on with my INFS3608 report due tomorrow.

Alan & Peter’s

Marlene’s party

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