Filo and Peri ft. Aruna – Ashley (First State Remix)

The past month has been an absolute killer for Trance music and especially vocal trance with more and more banging tunes being released each week. I’m still planning to write up a long as post with the best of vocal trance recently but haven’t had a chance to do so. But just started listening to A State of Trance episode 427 and a remix of a familiar new tune was played, it was Filo and Peri featuring Aruna’s take on Ashley, beautifully remixed by First State. It combined a beatiful piano score combined with a nice drum beat in the background and finally epic lyrics makes for an excellent song.

Lyrics for the song are below:

Covered under stacked up on lies
To cover hurt
That no one could see through

You played it down
Waiting for her last day to come
So you can breathe again

Oh Ashley, tell me

Have you been lost, have you been jaded
All you loved and all you hated
It’s all on you now
Suddenly won, suddenly golden
To a world that you were solding
Torn in two, now it’s all on you
She lost her smile in the water
But remained the perfect daughter
And you said she never let you down

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