Sefton Year 10 formal – 2009

On Friday the 27th of November, I shot a year 10 formal from Sefton, it was quite a night of drama with the event coordinator not being happy about my presence as there was already a hired photographer, after being informed that I would not be allowed to take photos, I had to investigate, it was laughable for me to not be able to shoot photos despite having a ticket to the formal. After a while, a missed call was return from the person in charge of the formal, all was cleared and I was allowed to resume taking photos. The hired photographer was very professional was a nice person to chat to and as expected, the legal threats were from her boss and not herself. In the end, the shots turned out okay and still ended witha nice number of shots despite missing about an hours shooting time. Photos are below but locked for the Sefton students only.

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