Ben Kha, Carmen and Huynhzie’s 21st

On the 16 of January 2010 was the celebration of Ben Kha’s, Carmen and David Huynh’s 21st birthday, held at Carmen’s house. Fun party, despite the rain, with Ben and Huynhzie becoming completely and utterly intoxicated at about 11.30pm, at first it was Ben who promptly started to talk trash and make a complete fool out of himself (I believe there were some videos on Jimmy’s camera) and not too long later, the alky hit Huynhzie and the fun and laughters continued as it was time to cut the cake. Barely able to keep their heads up, sober Carmen was left to cut the cake while Ben blew out the candles at every opportunity. The later photos here show what happened clearly and made for a hilarious night out. Hope you guys all had fun, photos are below:

Click above for the photos

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