From o9 to o10 – Sensation NguYEn

So as we made the transistion from 2009 to 2010, I decided to host a party at my place to have an awesome time since I couldn’t be down in Melbourne to celebrate at Sensation White. Cleverly enough (or so I thought) I came up with the concept of Sensation NguYEn as the place to be on NYE. Party was to be a simple one, just an easy bbq combined with alcohol and people as well as music.

So drinks, due to my laziness was nice and simple, just bring your own, I provided two cases of beer, Coronas and Blue Tongue (which although tasted different to what I had remembered, was still very nice) as well as a nice bottle of Ciruc Vodka (which most of you would undoubtly know, was stolen at a party last year and I bought another). All this was placed in my bathtub and complimented with 6 bags of ice, something I wanted to have at a party for a while =X

drinks in the tub

Food was a Spit Roast, hired and manned by Stephen Du for most of the night and it was delicious, a bit heavily marinated but the flavour and tenderness was awesome, there were other meats such as nem nuong but also ox tongue, steak and chicken which weren’t even touched, it was a bit over catered for. Other stuff there was Lily’s salad as well as potato, pasta and coleslaw salads as well as Tina’s fruit thingy with like lychee, coconut jelly and grass jelly. Food was excellent overall and I was pretty happy with it all.

yummy spit
duman and the spit

The night was quite a fun one with plenty of drunks to laugh at and plenty of photos for those who were too drunk to remember. The most drunk of the night would have had to been Ben, Huynhzie, MP and Lily with everyone else loose enough to have a good time, I certainly did despite ending up with a hole in the wall and a broken desk chair. A few photos below will highlight the shenanigans which occured during the night, a few videos have been uploaded onto facebook, but there’s one more to go, I’ll get that done tonight.

huynhzie and some southern comfort
lily and some tequila
louis getting it from three boys
ben with a large chunk of spit
mp dancing on the floor
huynhzie's a bit lonely and hugs the stool for some comfort

All in all the night was pretty awesome and more photos can be found by clicking >> HERE <<

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