Karyne’s 21st B’day

It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated this blog and put up photos from Karyne’s b’day (which was something like a month and a half ago). Plenty of things have happened since and this post is just gonna be about Karyne’s 21st b’day on the 5th of December. Theme for the party was childhood characters and since I’m a lazy bastard, I didn’t quite bother =D. It was a pretty fun night out at the function room under World Square pub and a pretty awesome thing at the party was the photobooth where you could get your photos taken sorta like at Capital. Guest/message book was placed next to it and you’d take a photo and then stick it in the book and write a message (very cool idea I thought). Unfortunately for me though, my camera got injured that as it was placed on a wobbly table and ended up on the floor. The top shell of the camera was cracked around the hot shoe  and I didn’t even really notice until i started taking photos and the flash wouldn’t sit quite right. $364 later and a week at the Nikon service centre cleaned it up nicely though and it’s as good as new again.

I’ll keep this short and post another update tomorrow while i’m at work :).

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