Last day at work

So Monday was the last day of work at Arnott’s for me after working there for 7.5 months, six of which were for my co-op industrial training with the remaining assisting a major project which was about to go live after my industrial training. So, what was it like working at Arnott’s? I actually found it to be good fun, all of the teams I worked with had great people who were quite fun to be around and always willing to lend a hand or offer some advice, from which I’ve learnt a lot. Last day at work was pretty much just a farewell with lunch and a few drinks at the obligatory Wentworth Hotel, where we seem to always have lunch when someone is leaving. Some happy snaps and clearing my desk area was the rest of the day gone, somewhat sad to leave but I must go on and start working at my next placement, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, a pharmeceuticals company.

Some keep sakes from work:

harmony mug
vodafone clock & digital picture viewer

Got up to some usless things at work, and one was ‘extreme box making’ where we made little boxes using paper (at first) and then anything we could get our hands on. All spawned from looking for a storage method for wasabi peas. Ended up making boxes from a plastic bag, paper towel and cardboard cutout.

extreme box making

Some photos of the people at work:

everyone from lunch
TIO crew
CST boys + Niro
few of the Service Desk crew
guys in the next cubicle
brad one of my managers
Gopi & i
cubicle on the other side
valarie and i
lee giving me a bag full of goodies

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