Summer, where are you?

So it’s almost the end of Winter and I’m seriously craving the warm summer days with the sun shining and just being able to kick back in the outdoors. Summer also means festivals for us Aussies and I really can’t wait to get out and about with the music pumping and not having a thing to worry about.

So what’s with this random post? I came across a tune by Tim Berg (aka Avicii) called Bromance and it’s just hit me with it’s amazing breezy and airy sound. It’s just create this sudden rush of emotion and memories of days and nights out where the only thing that mattered was the music. So below is the song which has inspired this post and my excitement for the summer to come.

The video clip is quite hilarious and I urge you to watch the whole thing til the end, in my opinion though the song’s title and video clip are completely irrelevant to the tune itself.

So really, what I’m looking forward to is Armin Only and SummaFieldDayze for a double dose of Armin Van Buuren over the New Year period.

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