Nikon AF-S 24-120 f/4G ED VR N ;)

So in light of my trip to Japan, I decided I needed a new lens for my travels as I don’t have anything that you could consider to be practical or versatile for travelling purposes. I also needed a ‘normal’ lens and decided on this rather than the well re-knowned 24-70 f/2.8G despite it not costing much more.

Pics of the new toy:

My thoughts?

The lens is solid, it has a nice weight to it and the zoom rings feel very nice, however, it’s not as nice as the 24-70 which again has a sturdier feel, most likely due to the differences in the zoom mechanism as the 24-120 uses the regular extending barrel. Image quality wise, it performs very well, very sharp beyond 35mm event at f/4 and still sharp below 35mm. Definitely very high performing and very close to the 24-70 in sharpness. Only down fall of the lens is distortion at the wider focal lengths 24mm to about 30mm and some rather significant light fall-off at 24mm. The falloff is somewhat comparable to what’s seen on the 24-70 and when shooting test shots can be somewhat unnerving, real world performance should be stellar.

The bokeh (background blur) of the lens is very smooth and creamy and the vibration reduction (VR) performs quite well, easily shooting 1/4 at 24mm and 1/15 at 120mm without too much effort (on full frame). Autofocus is pretty quick, not as quick as the 24-70, but by no means slow.

Overall I think it’s a great lens, it does have some draw backs, but the extra range over the 24-70 and the VR makes this lens more appealing to me as a lens to keep on the body at all times.

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