Ultimate Ears 700

So my latest purchase has been a new set of earphones, this has been something I’ve been meaning to do, but this actual purchase was more on impulse than anything. I didn’t do too much research on the product before buying but at $109 including delivery from thelogitechshop, I couldn’t resist (RRP is $249, with the cheapest being around $185). All I knew previously was that Ultimate Ears made good earphones, whether these were any good, I would have to wait to find out.

So I gave them a somewhat decent workout at Uni yesterday and there are some very nice things about these earphones. Firstly, the Comply foam which comes with it is awesome, they’re a bit weird at first, but basically they expand to mould to your ear to ensure a tight fit. With these buds, the sound isolation was very good and I found it difficult to hear what was happening outside.

In terms of sound quality, they’re very good, everything is clear and in my opinion, it has a slight warmth to the sound. On initial thoughts, I found the bass to be lacking (so if you’re after strong overpowering bass, these aren’t for you), however giving it a bit more time, the bass is very clear and detailed. You can hear individual bass notes in the line rather than just a thump thump thump. The highs are nice, definitely not tinny nor harsh, somewhat of a ‘balanced’ sound.

Overall, very happy with the purchase, and considering $109 pricetag, i’d rate it an 8.5/10.

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