Off To Japan..

So exams are over and it’s finally the day we leave for Japan. All sleep deprived, I’m sitting at Gold Coast Airport with two Davids, Michael Tang, Edmond, Gavin, Belrich and Louis with over an hour before our flight to Osaka. So the day started with an all-nighter before leaving¬†for the Airport at 3.30AM.

Airport and boarding pass

Arrival meant a Maccas breakfast at Sydney domestic airport with a bacon and egg McMuffin and hot cakes providing the fuel for the flight towards Osaka.

Maccas – breakfast of champions

Quick group photo in Sydney

After a brief one and half hour flight which went by rather quick due to all of us falling asleep rather quickly we’re now stuck in Gold Coast Airport with not much to do besides sort out what to do while we’re in Tokyo as well as Korea (as we don’t really have anything planned). With not much to do, we’re all rather bored while waiting for our flight, the Osaka flight at 10.05 and the Tokyo flight at 10.50.

Sitting around at Gold Coast Airport

The excitement for the trip hasn’t really hit in yet, but probably because I’m too tired, haha.

Will give another update when we’re in Osaka.

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