Results of my mango pancake adventure

So, I think I did pretty well with the mango pancakes considering that I was completely clueless, but will perfect them next time we’ve got some nice mangos. Pictures are below, they could have been presented better, but here’s some evidence that I made them, haha.

1. The pancake and the filling

Final product

Other thing of interest today, the mailman finally delivered the GPS logger I had ordered, I bought the i-gotu GT-600 and the plan is to have it on with me at all times while I’m on holiday to Japan/Korea and it will log exactly where I’ve been. The purpose of this is so I can attach some location information to every single photo that I take, either allowing me to plot them on a map or simply let me go back and see where the photo was taken if I forget. Much better solution than carrying a notepad and noting down image file names and location.

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