twenty eleven

So the New Year has come and gone with spectacular style courtesy of Armin Van Buuren and his crew within his Armin Only show. What a night it was, such a shame the excessive alcohol consumption (due to abuse of the VIP drinks wristbands) meant that I don’t remember much post 2am :(.

But I hope everyone had a great new years celebration whether it was with family and friends and that the new year brings something new and exciting to your life. Hope that those with resolutions can stick to them whereas I won’t call them resolutions, simply just a to-do list for 2011.

This year I plan to:

  • Blog more, this means finish going through my photos of Japan and blogging about the rest of my days there, despite being back for over a month.
  • Gym more often, aiming for 4 days a week to shed fat and build more muscle.
  • Run the City2Surf for 2011.
  • Finish sorting my music collection.
  • Take up DJ’ing, including purchase of CDJs and a mixer.
  • Further progress my photography, i.e. get business cards made and shoot at least one wedding.
  • Update my photography website and learn to code HTML/PHP/CSS more proficiently.
  • Re-do my photo wall.
  • Drink less but party just as hard.
  • Learn to save money.

I think that’s about it, don’t think there’s anything too unreasonable in that list so hopefully I can stick to it. As for everyone else with goals or resolutions for the new year, hope you can all stick to them.

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