Day 16 – Osaka Aquarium

As it was towards the end of autumn, the weather is quite cold, the bright people in Japan had a very awesome way to solve this problem. Heated vending machines which spit out warm drinks. First up was a warm banana drink, next was a milk coffee, nice and warm and lovely to hold in your hand.

Warm banana drink
Warm milk coffee

The trip today would be towards Osaka aquarium, train ride wasn’t too far and it looking out you could see the complex network of highways Japan has.

Insane bridges and roadways

So for breakfast we found a little restaurant within the quiet surroundings, upon entering we were directed to a room at the back and were sat down in the traditional table where your legs go under (and sorta into the floor). Upon opening the menu, we had an awesome case of broken Engrish, seems this place had a lot of fraid and food that flew.

Some Fraid food thanks
or noodles that fly?

Regardless of the poor English on the menus, the food that came out was delicious, I had some Yakisoba which was fantastic!


Ed seemed to be a little keen on the waitress and her daughter (must have been a family run store), I went outside to snap some pics of the place in case we ever come back.

Moriya, the place we had breakfast

Just outside the aquarium itself is another large ferris wheel, the Japanese seem to just love them.

Large ferris wheel

We finally arrived at the aquarium and it’s got a very unique design, sorta like in two halves.

Outside Osaka aquarium

As you can see the building’s shape makes up the logo of the place, and its full name is Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

The entrance

So after getting in, paying and hiring some informational headset things which play an awesome chime as you walk into a new room and an explanation is about to start, the first thing you walk through is a perspex tunnel surrounded by water and fish.

Hundreds of tiny fish swimming above
Small sharks

Going past, the first section is sort of a rainforest type environment and there’s a few variety of animals, including this frizzy bird. Going through, the aquarium is made up of one massive tank and that’s surrounded by plenty more smaller tanks which house individual species of fish.

Frizzy bird
Odd one out

This section had me the most intrigued, it’s only here that I learnt what a seal and a sea lion actually was! It seems the black things that play with the beach balls and clap and whatnot are actually sea lions and not seals! Seals on the other hand are fat and lazy looking things. They look like they have trouble even moving.

Sea lion
Fat seal

Not sure why these things are in an aquarium, but the girl feeding them was rather cute.

Large hamster looking things
Cute monkey

They had some nice penguins there too, not the usual small ones that just waddle around, but King Penguins, very beautiful and quite similar looking to Emperor Penguins (just smaller I guess).

King penguins
Evil looking fish

One of the most impressive things about this aquarium is the main pool and it was magnificent to see a manta ray swimming around, it didn’t seem to mind carrying a passenger around. There’s also a huge whale shark in the pool, but there’s no pic of it here.

Riding a manta

Aside from the main pool, there’s a few other interesting displays around, there was one room which had a large variety of small tropical fish, including this funky red coloured yabbie.

Small red yabbie

The main pull has some other cool things, the turtle below is cool but nothing special, but the fish after that are certainly unique and not something I have seen live in the flesh.

I like turtles

This thing below was very funky, it looks a little dopey and didn’t seem to be able to navigate around very well, knocking into the walls and perspex, it’s called an Ocean Sunfish.

Very odd looking fish

Moving along, there were these creepy looking crabs lurking in their own pool, they’re quite large and have massively long legs, making them look a little like spiders (hence their name).

Large spider crab

The final displays are the jellyfish, they looked very calm and carefree as they just seemed to hover slowly through the water, the blue lit background made for a nice background and an awesome photo.

Beautiful jellyfish

Final bit to see was the shallow pools where you could touch sting rays and sharks, it’s was interesting as the stingray’s skin is completely smooth and slippery, whereas the sharks were rough like sandpaper. They didn’t seem to mind being touched and it was certainly an interesting experience. There were also little displays and pools around as well, including this tiny looking thing.

Micro shark?

When we left, it was dark so the lights onside turned on and lit up the entrance and its surrounds.

Outside the aquarium at night
More Christmas decorations

Before going home, we checked out the little shopping centre next to the aquarium, here we bought some souvenirs and had our chance to throw shurikens. Turns out, I would be a terrible ninja and could barely get it to stick into the target, Edmond on the other hand was just a natural.

Throwing shurikens


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