Day 17 – Nagashima Spa Land

So on this day, Gavin and I had split with Ed and Tang as they prepared they prepared to leave and the fact that it would be too costly for them to get a Shinkansen to come along with us to Nagashima Spaland, another amusement park.

The entrance

So going in, this place was completely deserted! Hardly anyone in sight, this was both a good and a bad thing. It meant that we didn’t have to line up for a ride, but it also meant there wasn’t much of an atmosphere to enjoy the place either.

Close enough

After going through a few rides, we encountered the one below (the photo was taken AFTER we went on). At the entrance as a sign asking if we wanted to buy ponchos for 200 yen, we gladly declined and instead proceeded to remove our outer layers thinking, “How wet can it get?” Little did we know that we were going to get drenched, as you can see from the photo below, the splash goes rather high and upwards.

This gets you soaked

The main attraction of the place though is the Steel Dragon 2000, one of the longest roller coasters in the world.

Steel Dragon 2000

The climb up this thing is insane, it goes up rather slowly, and you dread the drop even more as you hear the tick tick, imagine going through that for a whole 1 minute and 45 seconds, it seemed like forever. As you can see it’s rather huge! and was quite a fun ride to go on, not as thrilling as a few others I’ve been on, but definitely good to experience.

One big roller coaster

There were a couple of other coasters, the one below spins around and it was a bit of a let down as it was somewhat slow, I was hoping for more acceleration so that you get a stronger twist.

Twisting rollercoaster

You can see a map of the place below, a lot of it is closed off, I think it only opens during summer as it’s a lot of water-based rides. The weather also turned bad rather quickly so we had to go as the rides were stopping due to rain and wind.

Map of the place

Right next to the amusement park is a large outlet centre called Jazz Dream, rather large shopping centre with a few hundred outlet stores.

Jazz dream outlet centre

From inside you can see it’s really close to the rides and you can see the twists and bends of the Steel Dragon.

View from the outlet centre

The centre itself is sorta half open and the colour scheme is rather interesting, it’s almost cartoon like and certainly pleasing to look at. Not too long after getting in and looking around, the weather cleared up, which was sorta good, but we wanted to spend more time in the amusement park. The outlet centre itself has heaps of brand from your more expensive Louis Vuitton and Oroton to your more regular brands like Nike and Lee jeans.

Rather interesting decor

After some shopping, we were getting tired and decided to catch the bus back. We were greeted by a seriously nice sunset and these leafless trees made for and interesting subject, it’s a shame there’s a power pole towards the right which kinda ruins the photo, but it was quite difficult to get past it and maybe I’ll clone it out one day.

Lovely sunset

Such lovely colours in the clouds, this photo makes a nice wallpaper.

Clouds in the setting sun

So along the way back to Osaka we had to stop by Nagoya to switch trains, we only had a brief peek outside as we were quite tired and didn’t know what there was to see. Snapped a couple of pics and then took a train back to Osaka to enjoy last night with the whole group.

Nagoya by night
Interesting looking bar

Once we got back, it would be the last night that all four of us would be in Japan, so we decided to go out with a bang. Our destination? Club Pure in Osaka. So why did we choose this place? Well, for 3000 yen (about $40) you can get unlimited drinks all night long in the night club, and this includes their mixed drinks/cocktails too. On entry you’re given a cup, give the bartenders the cup and they give you alcohol, quite simple.

Don’t photos of the drunken ordeal (maybe Tang does) but a few hours later I see Tang being escorted out by security, no idea why or what he did. He was quite drunk, so what do you do? You press on and we headed towards a girl’s bar (one Ed and I had previously visited) where they do unlimited drinks for 2500 yen for per hour. We sang a little Karaoke while Tang was hugging the toilet bowl and to top it off, on the way home, he apparently jumped into a bush and ended up with a scratch above his left eye.

What a night.

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