Day 9 and 10 – Back to Tokyo

So after the news of the attacks on South Korea, we decided to stray from travelling there, who knows what it could have escalated to. So after saying goodbye to our new friends Lilly and Isabella, we took a bullet train up back up to Tokyo.

New friends Isabella and Lilly

I decided to try out the food on the train despite the lady selling it not being extremely good looking like the one we saw on our first bullet train ride. I had no idea what was inside but the box did look pretty and so did the pictures, 1100 yen later and this is what I’m presented with.

Train food

Inside is nicely presented (like most Japanese food) a few of the items in there were rather strange and I had no idea what most of it was. Not bad tasting, but not exactly gourmet tasting food. Can’t complain too much, it is train food after all.

Rather well presented

Getting off the train, we were presented with some rather crap weather, but due to this a rather interesting sight. The Shibuya crossing filled with umbrellas, it was quite an impressive sight and would have been moreso if it was busier.

Shibuya crossing on a wet night

After exiting Shibuya station, we headed to Japanese specialty, capsule hotels! Most people have heard about them and like us, been quite intrigued by them. They’re not exactly cheap, this one cost us about $50 a night but they are well kept. Plenty of facilities to make the night enjoyable including 24/7 porn ;). The place was quite nice though, with massage lounges on a floor, large showers, steam rooms, etc. Also included towels and robes (which you’ll see later), so rather enjoyable. We also got the ‘deluxe’ capsules which were larger and they were rather spacious.

Capsule Hotel!

After the night in the capsule hotel, we made our way down to Asakusa to our next hostel. Along the way is view of the Sky Tree under construction wonder what the view would be like once it’s finished.

Sky Tree!

Other interesting sights along the way, a random statue of a lady and a rather close imitation by none other than Michael Tang, he likes to show his feminine side some times.

Statue of a lady
So lady like

Asahi’s building which we like to give it a few names, like the golden shi-te or the golden sperm. Haha, seriously no idea what they were thinking with that one.

Golden 'flame'

So after getting to the hostel and spending ages doing the laundry (damn clothes just wouldn’t dry in the dryer) we headed out to do something we had missed earlier. The maid cafe! Along the way was this interesting ‘inscription’ found along the bridge. So it looks like four Aussies have been here before us.


A little memorial along the way, not sure what it built for though, but it looks a little out of place compared to the surroundings.

Small memorial

One thing I love is the more traditional look of the black wooden buildings, personally think it has a nice ‘texture’ to it.

Black wood shop

After an interesting night at the maid cafe where we sang ate and laughed in the company of a very cute maid, we headed home. The maid cafe experience is interesting to say the least, it’s something you have to try but not something you’d do again. It’s quite enjoyable but also kinda weird/strange at the same time, especially when you see older adults in there. On the way back, I just had to add to the inscription, x4 becomes x8 haha.

x8 now

The other cool thing on the way home was playing with the train ticket machines. We discovered that the small tickets work in any direction, the right way, side ways and even upside down! Try that with a CityRail machine. Ed on the other hand decided to take it one step further, folded in half. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

It works upside down

As part of the maid cafe experience, we all had a licence from @home, where you level up the more you visit. No idea what that entails you to though.

Maid cafe licence

And it wouldn’t be complete without a photo from with a maid 😉 This one’s Kouta and she’s an Albino! Very cool I must say.

<3 Kouta

Other thing to show you was the robe from the capsule hotel, reminded me a bit of a ninja for some reason, i’ll let you decide that one.

PJs from the capsule hotel


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