Magic City 2011 – Preview

Last Saturday night I was one of the photographers working at Magic City and it was a rather awesome night, usually not my kind of music, but this time it was pretty good. JamX aka DuMonde brought back a lot of memories, especially my younger years when I started listening to trance, quite a few songs I never thought I’d ever hear played again so that was rather awesome. I don’t know why I always seem to clock up some many photos with these events, always makes going through them so difficult, especially when they only want 100-150 photos.

So here’s a little preview of the shots from the night.

Lasers from the ground
Lasers from the air
On stage

Other thing that was particularly special about the night was this shot…

View from the roof

Yes, that is from the roof of the Hordern, spectacular view there. Guess that’s the privilege of being a photographer, and getting your own dressing room is nice too :D.

Photographer's room

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  1. If I don’t remember wrong… I recall seeing that photo from the roof of hordern pavilion from your camera that night!!

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