DJ ntranced is coming*

(*Ok, close but not really)

No idea when I’m actually going to make DJing happen but I’ve started off with a single piece of equipment, a mixer. Picked up a lovely Pioneer DJM-3000 4 channel professional mixer from a GraysOnline auction this morning and fired it up to make sure it all works and it does!

Pioneer DJM-3000

Don’t have anything to compare it with really, but on first impression, it was heavier than I had expected. The rotaries feel nice and solid and the faders are quite loose but don’t feel cheap. Pretty happy.

It’s a shame I can’t do much with it at the moment as I don’t have any CDJs. But nonetheless it’s a start :). Check back in the near future when I’ll hopefully get a pair off CDJs and a set of headphones and can start mixing up some trance.

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