Masif Saturdays pres. Roger Shah @ Space Nightclub

DJ/Roger Shah came to town on Saturday night for a 3 hour set at Space Nightclub to show off his new album entitled ‘Openminded?!” and from his set, his style certainly has shifted from the slow gentle sets to something a little harder and with a stronger bassline.

Music for Balearic people

He still keeps to his Balearic roots with the ocean sounds as well as the guitar and piano riffs, nothing has changed in that department and in DJ Shah style, the midi keyboards come out as well.

Roger on the keyboards

Photographically, I tried out some more moody kinda shots without flash and tried shooting with the 70-200 for a longer perspective rather than my usual upclose wider angle type shots. Was a bit difficult with Roger as his two keyboards block the view and also the lights were at times, very strong in colour.

Roger Shah

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