I am a marathon man

So official results for the City2Surf are in and I can be proud to say that I have achieved my target of a sub 90 minute time. I managed a time of 1:25:19, which I think is pretty decent considering it was my first time. Great experience but definitely gotta get myself into a higher group next year, too many people walking and blocking your way in the yellow group. If only they could force people to keep left :(.

Here’s a crappy small watermarked (to the shithouse) photo of me near the finish line :D.

City2Surf Finish Line

Can’t wait to do it again next year, hopefully in the green group with less slow people. Aiming for a sub 75 minute time :D. Shame that the Bridge Run is on the day after Defqon, don’t think I have a chance of making that one.

Ah, how could I forget the precious finishing medal…

City2Surf Medal

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