I am a marathon man…

…well almost. This Sunday is d-day where the City2Surf will commence and I find out if I’m actually a marathon man or not. I did my final run on the treadmill at the gym today (yes, I know it’s not the same) and I finally managed to do a 14km run. While the City2Surf is a little more hilly than a flat run on a treadmill, I think it’s pretty good that I could manage to do the 14km run on the treadmill.

I actually managed to do it in 82 minutes with an average speed of 10.4km/h. Pretty happy with that and it instills some confidence for Sunday. Bring it on!

I also compiled a little chart to map my speed as I did the run.

14 kilometers!


For those doing the run on Sunday, good luck and see you at the end (I’m in the Yellow group btw).

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