New workplace – Commonwealth Bank Place

So in a little under 3 weeks time, I make the move across to our shiny new building which took over the site of the old Sega World in Darling Harbour. New building comes with a new style of working, a more advanced version of hot desking known as ‘activity based working’. Plenty of glass surrounds the building to let in a lot of natural light as well as making it look pretty.

From the outside
From the side

Inside is very modern and looks classy as soon as you step through the front door, although it’s got a revolving door (which i absolutely hate)

Lobby (north)
Looking up the atrium

No longer will people have permanent desks, it’s all about moving around and being mobile, at least they’re using mesh chairs :D.

New workspaces

Each area on the floors has its own feel/scheme to it with varying colours and textures.

Down from the inside
Kitchen area

Plenty of funky new furniture around, like these ear chairs which help project/retain your voice, making it easier to talk to people.

Funky 'ear' chairs

Best bit about the building is the top floor, level 6.

Top floor

It’s got a great view overlooking the Pyrmont direction and is a nice area to go outside and chill. Would make for a great place for Friday drinks.

Top floor looking out

It’s even got a BBQ! I had hoped to be able to use it to cook up a storm for lunch, but alas I have been disappointed and the BBQ needs to be booked or used for catering/functions only.

BBQ on the top floor

Balcony outside is definitely very nice and we get a tiny patch to build up a community vegie patch, as you can see, it’s sorta dead at the moment.

Rooftop balcony

Can’t wait to move in and to have some new shops/restaurants open up around and downstairs, I’ve read that Brazillian BBQ is already in the works and that makes me a happy man. Oh, did I mention we all got Mac laptops?

6 thoughts on “New workplace – Commonwealth Bank Place”

  1. In the last photo entitled ‘Rooftop Balcony’ I can see my EY building in the background. As I was sitting at my desk on Level 48 today, I was actually looking at the new CBA buildings, thinking how nice they were, but that I never saw anyone on the balcony – wave next time! 🙂

  2. Lovely photos! I am having internship in CBA and got a chance to the new office on Wednesday, and it was stunning like you said. Just out of curiosity, what camera do you use? The quality is amazing!

    1. If you’re ever around again, find me on the directory and drop by and say hi, find Andrew Nguyen, one of this year’s graduates. Camera is a Nikon D700 🙂 and photos were either with a 35mm f2 lens or 24-120 f4 VR.

  3. Hi Andrew, These are some great pictures. Would you be willing to send me a couple of high resolution copies? We are a UK manufacture who supplied a number of products to the project and have no project photos of our own.


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