Second Snow Trip

So with the long long weekend (1 day of leave plus a Bank Holiday) I headed down to the snows again with some of the 2011 CBA grads for another weekend of snowboarding action. Had a couple of goals for this trip, be ballsy enough to bring my camera up the mountain, be able to link turns, go up a t-bar with moderate confidence and do a 180 degree jump. Headed down to the snows early on Friday morning and spent our nights in East Jindabyne in a nice house which had some pretty decent views out the back.

House from the front
View from the house

Since I still don’t have my own board, I hired once again and recieved a brand new board that had never been used. The wax at the bottom was just so smooth, and I almost felt bad taking it because it wasn’t gonna go back the same..

Virgin snow board

Spent the first two days in Thredbo with some lovely sunny weather. Managed to catch up with Gab, Steven Le, Kim and co and spent most of the day with them. Second day managed to find Tang and John later in the arvo and was good to do some runs with them. Don’t have any photos from Thredbo as I wasn’t comfortable bringing the camera up yet. Perisher was a different story on Sunday with poor visibility all day (coupled with rain), managed to do a few runs but had trouble finding my way around. Was also sore from the previous days so took it easy during the morning.

Couldn't see anything

The last day was much better with the sun out and the skies pretty clear and the camera was out. Spent most of the day on blue and double blue runs, namely the excelerator which was just amazing fun. Last hours of the day were spent doing some jumps at one of the terrain parks.

Lovely view on a lovely day
How good does this look?!

All in all, a very fun trip, came back full of bruises but no broken parts :). Click the pic below for the rest of the photos.

Click here for more photos

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