Getting warmer…

Getting closer to unleasing dj ntranced šŸ˜‰ received an early present yesterday while at work, a set of new headphones. These are known as aiaiai’s TMA-1, set of DJ headphones produced by a Dutch company. Strange brand name, but quality product. Only did some rough research before buying them (used) and they seem to fit the bill in every aspect and it does seem like it was indeed made for DJ’s as far as their marketing goes.

Stealthy look, single sided cable as well as beingĀ removableĀ from both ends, perfect for my needs.

aiaiai TMA-1

Important question is, how do they sound? At first, I thought they were a bit too bassy and overpowering but after a few hours of listening, I kinda enjoyed it as it has a very smooth sound. While the bass is strong, it’s very clear and punchy, but as soon as you put them on, you’ll notice its sound stage, not sure how to describe it, but it’s very ‘big room’ and warm.

Pretty happy with them and one step closer to DJ’ing. Just need some decks now.


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