Ready to be DJ ntranced

So I’ve finally done it, I’ve bought some decks to finish off my first bedroom DJ setup. A pair of Pioneer CDJ 400’s later and now I’m set to start mixing. I’ve had a quick play with it all and it’s definitely not as easy as it looks. The most difficult part for me at the moment is to make sense of my vast collection of music and organising it in a way which is sensible.

The setup

Haha yes, it is the dreaded long exposure trail, haven’t done those kind of photos in a long time, but there it is in all its glory, 2 CDJ 400’s, a DJM 3000 mixer and a set of aiaiai TMA-1’s (on my head an not pictured). Had it on my main desk for a few minutes just to plug it into my PC to see how it all goes and it does Traktor pretty well, but that will be for later :D.

The final piece

Hopefully I can pick it up fairly quickly and start cranking out some mixes :D.

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