Godskitchen 2011 – Photos

The long weekend in Sydney means a night of trance music under the Godskitchen banner. This year was to be a trance odyssey with the journey being led with locals VLN and Thomas Knight before blasting off with Binary Finary and continuing forth with Ben Gold, Marco V, Richard Durand and finally with John Askew to end the journey.

Godskitchen 2011

Had an absolute blast that night and probably one of the most fun I’ve ever had while taking photos at an event like this. Great atmosphere and all the international DJ’s seemed to just love it, was lovely to meet them and got a few snaps with most of them :D.

Me and Ben Gold
Me and Marco V
Me and Mr. Durand

Event was a bit smaller then it has been with the side seating curtained off, but with that done, the venue looked quite full. Production was pretty good (much better than the woeful ‘Angel in White party’ for those who were there :P) with plenty of coloured lasers with lighting extended to the rear of the crowd (as opposed to just on stage).

Decent production

Only thing would probably be the lack of theme, personally I think if you’re gonna give the event a name like a ‘trance odyssey’, there should be some effort into incorporating it into the night. All in all, quite happy with the night and pretty happy with the photos this time.

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