Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10

I’ve had these Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10’s for about one and a half weeks now and seriously, I can’t put them down! $195 for a pair of earphones may seem ridiculous (but the RRP of $499.95 is even more so :P) but I seriously think they’ve been worth every single dollar. Each time I listen to a song, it’s like a new experience, even if I’ve heard it for a hundred times, these earphones just make it a whole new experience.

UE Triplefi 10

So, how do I describe these headphones in more detail than simply ‘eargasmic’?  Hard to say, I can’t really find any flaws with them. The highs are very nice and crisp yet never ear piercing. The bass is very tight and punchy and it’s seriously like you can hear the bass wind up into a sharp punch. They’re very sensitive so they’re easy to drive meaning they go plenty loud, and loud without distortion. If you do hear any distortion, it’s the song and not the headphones. The mids are detailed and vocals do come alive bringing a very nice sense of depth. Only down fall I’d say is that the sound is so punchy and dynamic that it makes it hard to sleep with while they’re pumping away.

Sexy case

Packaging of these things are similar to the UE700’s but the case is a lot bigger and sexier with a nice metal finish. These earphones are large and they do stick out a fair bit, but it’s definitely worth it as the sound they produce is simply phenomenal. Highly recommended and I believe thelogitechshop’s ebay account is doing them for $199. They’re probably best sounding in ear monitors (IEM’s) you can get for that kind of money (well from what I’ve read at least). There’s also accounts of them not fitting well if you have small ears, but they’ve been perfect for me and the Comply Foam makes it stay quite firmly lodged and sealed in my ear (and if you read my review on the UE700’s, you’ll know how much I love the comply foam stuff.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. It makes us very happy to see awesome mentions like that.
    The TriFi10s are great earphones. If you ever need new tips, hit us up.

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