2011 Asia trip – Day 1

The first day has come and gone and I’m sitting in a hotel room in Hong Kong as I write this. Not much to write about, nor are there many photos of the action from today as we haven’t really done much.

Departing Sydney at 9.30 in the morning, we had an 8 hour flight to Singapore with Singapore Airlines which was comprised of eating plane food and soaking up alcoholic drinks when possible, quite nice to be able to unwind with a Singapore Sling or a Alspiritzer on a long flight. We stopped for about 3 hours in Singapore (Changi airport) and just checked out the place. Quite a nice airport with a few things to do to kill time while you’re there. There was a butterfly sanctuary where you could go in and experience tropical weather and see butterflies flying around freely.

Flying towards Hong Kong was a short rinse and repeat of the flight to Singapore, eating plane food and more booze, good fun. By the time we landed, it was quite late so it was just a case of checking into our hotel in Mong Kok and roaming the streets for a bit of food before resting up for the next day’s action.

Will try to blog a bit more on this trip unlike my last trip to Japan where the blog posts were delayed by about 3 months :P.

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