First the Vengaboys, now AQUA!

What has Sydney become? It’s like the 90’s is coming back again and we’re able to relive those childhood hits. Just to refresh your memory (in case you’ve forgotten or you’re in denial) they were the ones that made ‘Barbie Girl’ and a whole suite of other lollypop pop songs (see what I did there?)

Aqua - Aquarium

I know you’re all shouting, tell me more! I want to know when and where they’re coming. Well their first show is sold out! (cue sounds of sadness and disappointment) but you’ll be glad to know there is a second show up for offer!

When? 16th & 17th of March

Where? The HiFi, Sydney

How much? $60.50

Want to know more?

And just to re-live some memories, here’s a couple of YouTube videos:

Aqua – Barbie Girl

Aqua – Doctor Jones

Aqua – Cartoon Heroes

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