Happy Welcoming of a New Year (2012)

2012 has come and I’m still a lazy ass at updating my blog, despite this I have actually gotten a few things done  as we welcome the new year. Hope everyone had a great NYE celebration, I sure did and what better way to do it than with some pumping trance music and hectic lasers (well also a house party for some pre-drinks). Not sure about everyone else, but 2012 isn’t going to be a big bang of change, I don’t have many complaints about 2011 and I’m going to take what I started last year and make it even better this year. Here’s a pic shamelessly stolen from the Sydney City Council NYE website, NY fireworks are always bound to impress, at least in Sydney anyway.

Sydney Midnight Fireworks

Main things for me for 2012 will be more photography and DJ’ing, so keep an eye out, hopefully I’ll be doing some bigger and better things with photography and getting a major kick on in regards to learning how to DJ.

For everyone who’s got a resolution for 2012, good luck with it :).

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